I would urge everyone to contact the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and file a complaint against Ditech.This company and the Federal Trade Commission were able to levy a fine on Green Tree for 48 Million dollars for mortgage failure.

Ditech is just a reorganization of that old company. I have already filed several complaints against them. I was up to date with my mortgage until I paid early, now I am behind and facing forclosure. They have not applied all funds to my account, and they have not credited my account for the actual amount that I paid.

I suspect that they have altered my billing history, but I have no way to prove this. If everyone holds this company accountable, we can get our money back and our mortgage back on track. Go to this website http://www.consumerfinance.gov/ and file a complaint today. I am going to sue Ditech if they don't correct their accounting errors.

There are also several class actions out there, one for forclosure after paying early and one for Ditech giving insurance companies kickbacks.Good luck everyone.

This reviewer shared experience about poor customer service and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). This person is overall dissatisfied with Ditech. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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I belive your doubts is truth.I have kept up all my statements and copy of checks that they missed recorded they don't resolve it since February.

Now they writing letter that I don't pick up the calls and threaten to foreclosed my place in the process but I have phone records of these quite respond from them but they turn off and writing up the letters complaint hashing and threatened.

We need a class actions against them.Help Help.


I would like to get in class action lawsuit against ditech held my payment for 2 months sent it back and started foreclosure process . I had to 850 to reinstate my loan


Do I qualify for settlement i have mortgage with ditech


I was charged a late fee by Ditech after they they switched from Greentree.They changed my due date on my mortgage without contacting me.

They have also been charging me an exorbitant amount of interest. I send them $800/MONTH and I'm lucky if they apply $100 of that toward my principle.

Has anyone else had this problem and does anyone know of lawsuits against this company that I can join in on?I have called the company and complained but all I get is rude, curt employees that give me the usual runaround.

to Mary Ezzio #1430585

We have. They payed our taxes and they weren't supposed to. Plus they charge high late fees.


If it is an escrow problem, you can write a letter and send evidence to:

Director, Office of RESPA and Interstate Land Sales

U.S.Department of Housing and Urban Development

Room 9154

451 Seventh Street, S.W.

Washington, D.C.

20410 Also file with the: Better Business Bureau (BBB) DA's Office in your city because they have a division to assist you Business Oversight (CRC@dbo.ca.gov) Housing Urban Development (HUD) Hope this helps.thressaw@netzero.com


Where do you live, maybe we can find a lawyer together.


San Jose, CA


This company is filth! The scripted idiots that answer the phones are pathetic.

Truly a criminal organization. I have turned my issues over to my state attorney general.

to Sargon #1466508

Good luck with that. Ditech wouldn’t work with Indiana’s Attorney General and the office finally gave up and told me to get a lawyer...


Thank you from another ripped off customer.I will be filing that complaint ASAP as my escrow payment was analysed several times last year and they demanded over 2k of a shortage to be paid within 30 days right at Christmas.

Beyond appalled and suspect something shady is going on!A lawyer needs to read these and do a class action lawsuit against these crooks


I am with Ditech for the last 10 years I applied for Loan modification in last May 2016 never heard any thing from them. I send all the paper work and was in process and got I a call from manger who ids assigned to my account and I was told your case in process


I was with GMAC.They threw me over to Greentree, now Ditech.

They charge so much interest, there is no way to ever pay them off. I never chose these people. I hope and pray I can find a way to get free of this bunch.

They keep upping the payment, and my income is very limited.If I can get free of them, I will feel blessed.

Cleveland, Ohio, United States #1269452

I am in foreclosure, and was offered a 3 month trial period.But I cannot reach anyone or leave a message due to full mailboxes on their end.

Now it's the due date and still no response.WHAT TO DO??


I'm launching a complaint against Ditech as well.I sent them my mortgage payment for the month of Dec.

2016, they cashed, and never credited it to my account.

They sending late payment notices!A couple of times of talking with their agents were not very productive!

Jacksonville, Florida, United States #1262109

Every since they took over my mortgage they have been sending a bogus analyis statement showing that I have a shortgage in escrow.No one can even explain the statement.

I really need cheated and it's getting harder and harder to make our mortgage payments.

Will be looking to refinance soon!How do I become a part of a Class Action Lawsuit?

to EMarie Wylie, Texas, United States #1292304

Same thing here!

to Charles #1408276

I just had them open a escrow account on my loan and pay my insurance for a full yr and half my taxes without my permission.. funny thing i pay my insurance monthly and taxes ,but they say they r raising my payment to recoupe money they sent.. I called and checked they did pay my insurance ,but not my taxes and they want me to get their money back or i have to pay the higher payment

to Anonymous #1454818

I have been battling with DiTech/Formerly Green Tree over a similar situation. I would appreciate any suggestions you could help me with. I have complaints with the BBB of multiple States, Consumer Protection Bureau of Texas/Attorney General, Department of Insurance as well as Texas Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner and CFPB.

to EMarie #1434567

How do u refinance when they keep your credit down

Norwood, Pennsylvania, United States #1234425

They just denied my mortgage today!After a year of calling them submitting documents stating we have them and in May I came home to a notice of default!!

I called them in October of 2015 to tell them I was in trouble they would not take my payment and told me where did you spend your money Now today I was told i am not eligible for any of the programs.GETTING A LAWYER

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