I would urge everyone to contact the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and file a complaint against Ditech. This company and the Federal Trade Commission were able to levy a fine on Green Tree for 48 Million dollars for mortgage failure.

Ditech is just a reorganization of that old company. I have already filed several complaints against them. I was up to date with my mortgage until I paid early, now I am behind and facing forclosure. They have not applied all funds to my account, and they have not credited my account for the actual amount that I paid.

I suspect that they have altered my billing history, but I have no way to prove this. If everyone holds this company accountable, we can get our money back and our mortgage back on track. Go to this website http://www.consumerfinance.gov/ and file a complaint today. I am going to sue Ditech if they don't correct their accounting errors.

There are also several class actions out there, one for forclosure after paying early and one for Ditech giving insurance companies kickbacks. Good luck everyone.

This reviewer shared experience about poor customer service and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). This person is overall dissatisfied with Ditech. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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I have been dealing with them on remods for 2 years. Lost paperwork x3, 2x finding I had a remod payment due a week before Its due. Now having to file bankruptcy because they're calling the loan into foreclosure.


We are in the process of filing a complaint with the Attorney General of Minnesota against Ditech


They also over bill on escrow above the RESPA guidelines.


ditech must be held responsible for the misuse and abuse of customer mortage


I got behind on our lone they put my home in forcloser so I sent the money in I made a mistake and got 2 numbers mixed up so I was 190 short it took them 30 day to tell me this after atleat 15 calls from me they told me to wire them the money pluse that months hose payment I did now 3 weeks later they told me they are sending my money back and going forward with my forclser I'm lost what do I do there Is no wining with these people


I have the same situation developing RIGHT NOW! I've been fighting with them for months and I'm current, but they want me to pay a late fee now, even though I'm ahead on my payments!? I looked for similar situations on the internet, it's all over the place.


My father in law received a CP 2000 notice from IRS, saying Ditech relieved him of a debt of over $16k, and now want $6k to be paid in taxes. My father in law never heard of Ditech, hadn’t owned a home since 1972.

So we call Ditech first girl was very nice but said red flags were poppinG up on this account. His birthday was wrong, she told us that 3 Times, and there was no physical address on the loan. She told us to file a police report, put us on hold, and then this mean rude lady got on the phone and said no the account is legit, was created in 1996, I asked her about the DOB, she asked for it and stupid me gave it to her and of course she said it was all correct. Plus she knew why we were calling and knew in detail about this CP2000 form.

She told us to write to them requesting a copy of the original contract to see the signature. I doubt we’ll ever see it. This $ never ever ever in all the 22yrs ever showed up on a credit report, he was here sued or garnished for the $..nothing. You’d think someone would be wanting their $16k.

I think this scamming company is up to a lot more than people think. Any suggestions help advice we’re in.....

lawsuit included. I think these bastards stole my dads identity, not sure how to fix this.


My mom's mobile home loan is with Ditech at 13% interest. What a rip off right??

I had no clue until a couple of years ago. She has worked hard to pay for her home. She's 71 years old and divorced for over 30 years. In Jan of 2018 I made a $3500 payment to go towards her principle to pay it off sooner.

The payment was never applied correctly. I have sent countless messages, called multiple times. My mom has called several times. The loan should have been paid off this month with a partial payment but instead they have charged her interest and for insurance that she has already paid privately.

It's been so frustrating and Im worried they are going to try and say she didnt pay or something!!

I have no clue what to do about it anymore. I dont know who to talk to in order to get this resolved and her money refunded to her.

to Theresa #1493574

I also have a problem with them they are not a good company they put my house in foreclosure.


There needs to be a class action lawsuit against Ditech. My loan was sold to Greentree in good standing,they merged with Ditech and during that time claims there to be a shortage in escrow.

They took all my payments and reset them to satisfy what they claim to be an escrow shortage and then stated I am behind on payments. I have written letters, called, emailed to no avail. Absolutely no one can give you the correct answers. I have a letter from Ditech stating that they reset all my mortgage payments made tosatisfy escrow shortage.

This is a RESPA violation.

I have contacted my Attorney General and RESPA. But until a class action lawsuit is filed against this company they will continue with abusive and deceptive mortgage record keeping.

to AM #1493596

Let's start it we can all here give each other out email and then go from the I have the same issue.


We are in the same boat. I would like to be included in any class action lawsuits against ditch


Ditech has also reported large payment after they bought out Green Tree. My mortgage was place in a special account in which they never pulled the money from that account .

But instead they reported by mortgage as being late. Something really need to done about Ditech and their bad practices.


They call me and tell me I have no insurance at all on the property. I have everything, I paid with postal money orders.

They doubled my next month's house payment. A very hateful woman. Who said they were going to kick us out of our home. I've had 5 heart surgerys, I told her that and she kept on harassing me till I cured.

Can someone tell me who to contact to get free advice. P.m.


Filed complaint with CFPB and Ditech responds like they have done nothing wrong. CFPB just shrugs at the problem - really no help there.

CFPB told us that we are the only case for 2017 against Ditech I find that hard to believe now that I see the comments here.

Go to your Attorney General and file complaint.My parents made 16 months of payment and every payment went to interest, on a simple interest loan.Ditech claims payments over 30 days apart, but I reviewed every one of my parents statements and there are payments made some 20 days apart, some are 30 days very few are close to the 45 day mark. But there is no way that every payment made in that 16 month period should go to interest only.A Class Action suit needs to happen.In Texas.

to Amber Wright #1486244

Amber Wright:5/23/2018After spending hours pouring through the complaints that are on file with the CFPB regarding Ditech (aka Greentree, Walter Co., etc) I cannot imagine why you would be told that yours is the 'only 2017 case against Ditech'. The year on your post No.

1469344 (above) isn't shown, but I took the "Apr 25" date to indicate 2018, since it appears nearly at the top of this thread.I was disappointed to read over and over and over that the Ditech responses to the CFPB inquiries were 'company claims it did nothing wrong', with few cases seeming to reach an actual resolution that rose to the complainants' stated allegations and facts.I have had to fight with Ditech ever since CitiMortgage apparently sold or otherwise farmed my "mortgage servicing" out to them a couple of years ago. In fact, I am preparing for yet another 'go-round, as they are trying to prematurely foreclose on my home of 30 years because I am one month behind in my monthly payments. Their "creative accounting" has bitten me, unfairly and illegally, several times since I was whored out to them by CitiMortgage, and as a medically disabled person on a fixed, disability income, their telephone harassment, constant (1-3 pieces of mail almost daily, week in and week out), etc., have at times driven me to mental images of finality - with their fraudulent letters and claims clenched between my teeth as I draw a last breath.I am in the process of AGAIN preparing a whole write-up/detailed chronology of Ditech's lies, fraud, misrepresentations, harassment, and repeated violations of the Consumer Credit Protection Act and other federal consumer credit protection laws (not my fault they are both a "mortgage servicer" AND "DEBT COLLECTORS"). I will be filing a second complaint with Freddie Mac (the 1st resulted from Ditech's actions, errors, and overcharges, etc., upon CitiMortgage selling me out to Ditech), determining what, if anything, my state's Attorney General/consumer/fraud dept., can do, determining which, if any, BBB offices would pertain to my case, AND I AM SEARCHING FOR ANY AND ALL ATTORNEYS who might assist me AND ANY AND ALL CLASS ACTION LAWSUITS for which I would qualify as a class member/plaintiff.I am in Arizona.I'm not going to put any contact information on the Internet, but I will bookmark this page and check back to see if perhaps you have added additional posts, updated your post, and/or wish to get in touch.When I company acts like a $48+ MILLION assessment against them (Mass., IIRC) via class-action case is less than lunch money - that should be telling the big wigs in charge, including government oversight, Freddie Mac and *** Mae, etc., HELLO!!!!


Nah............... mere pocket change to the likes of "Ditech".

to Az Ditech Victim #1493578

That's what they did with me after paying $4464.00 and the foreclosed on my house let's talk here so we can do something abt it.


I belive your doubts is truth. I have kept up all my statements and copy of checks that they missed recorded they don't resolve it since February.

Now they writing letter that I don't pick up the calls and threaten to foreclosed my place in the process but I have phone records of these quite respond from them but they turn off and writing up the letters complaint hashing and threatened.

We need a class actions against them. Help Help.

to Myle Le #1469348

Please read my comment above on April 25th 2018.CFPB told us that we are the only case for 2017 against Ditech.I find that hard to believe now that I see the comments here.What state do you live in?I live in Texas.


I would like to get in class action lawsuit against ditech held my payment for 2 months sent it back and started foreclosure process . I had to 850 to reinstate my loan

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