So ditech is in the middle of a bankruptcy. I make all the payments on time.

SO I get a letter saying RESDEV has now bought origination work from Ditech that I should continue to pay Ditech and if I have any questions call Ditech unless I want to refinance then call RESDeV.

SO I go to ditech website to make my monthly payment. They have it noted at the ACCOUNT is CLOSED WTF????I'm supposed to get a good bye letter along with a welcome letter from whoever I'm to pay now,,,NOTHING

Product or Service Mentioned: Ditech Account.

Location: Fishers, Indiana

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I also received no information from Ditech and yet recieved statementsand made payments to Ditech till December when I could not get through phone lines to make a payment. I received no notifications at all.

Phone lines closed on a weekday, website says company closed. Trued by online search to find who it is sold to, they say they have my mortgage but call back Jan 8th, nope cannot get through, now say they do not have my account! No info on who to pay. They are trying to create foreclosure 30 year loan!

Never in my life.

No one is helping us. We are screwed!


Try to State's Attorney office in your in your city in Consumer complaint file it immediately


No offense but thank God I saw this post. I tried several times to schedule a payment as usual tonight only to end up frustrated and in tears as it kept coming up account closedAt least it isn’t just me


We’re you given direction on who to pay?


None. I Googled and found through a business report they were sold to New Rez in September 2019!

Never ever recieved a letter other than the first notice of the Bankruptcy of Ditech. I called Shellpoint, And 3 New Rez "sub companies. Told lies over and over bu all 3 companies, last one telling me to "pull my credit report to find who is recieving my mortgage payment and call the county! Terrified I did.

Taxes paid till May 2020, and County Clerk has no actions pending. How does a mortgage, knowledge of who is servicing it and payments just disappear? It has and now "behind" since December 2019 as no one will tell me who to pay, and where to. Neither Ditech or New Rez have my account.

Unreal...this is a jerry rigged forced by fraud on their part attempt to steal our property!

I have an attorney and am awaiting what now? I honestly think we are screwed, where has our money gone?

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