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A tornado hit my house on July 21,2018 and my insurance sent me a check to repair my house but, put Ditech name on the check and my deceased husband so had to send check to Ditech . Needless to say Ditech sent the check back to me stating that the check was endorsed improperly. Then I call Ditech and tell Ditech that I told y’all my husband died in April 2018 so the manager proceeded to tell me that she was sorry for my loss but they still need my husband signature so by that time I started crying calling on Jesus because here I am No husband and my house tore up no air conditioner, no deck and a transformer in my shower and Ditech telling me my husband was the sole person on our home but you take my money every month and since then I still have no deck , no air conditioning and hole in my roof

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How hard is this, I'm sure the agent's tone was a wink wink, nod nod thing that smart people would understand. Sign your husband's name and move on with life. This isn't a space shuttle launch.


Despicable behavior from Ditech. This issue should be simple and not so upsetting for you.

As survivor, you would generally be "next in line" to conduct fiduciary business in matters that originated prior to his passing. Are you the executor of his estate ? Hopefully there is a will naming an executor but that's not absolutely necessary since you're still living. Has the estate been through probate ?

It's sad enough to lose your husband without this sort of nonsense to upset you ; I wish I knew you or lived next door - I'd get this straightened out but quick. Please accept my sympathy for your loss ; that's awful.

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