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We were once Bank of America, sold to green tree and then sold to DITECH. While at Bank of America I lost my job during which we were trying to do a refinance.

My paperwork sat on bank of americas desk for 3 months, while our Heloc fell behind, then got declined for refinance, same time Bank of America sold our loan to greentree. Trying to make sense of things financially we couldn't keep a float, started process for loan modification through greentree. That process took so long that we got foreclosure notice. Resulting in us claiming chapter 13 bankruptcy.

During the beginning paperwork of the bankruptcy we get loan modification approval through green tree. Granted it changed our 30 year mortgage to a 35 year mortgage and made us owe more on the modified mortgage than we originally bought the house for.(the heloc is still separate) also during this time our loan got sold to Ditech. We filled the bankruptcy in 2011. About 3 years into the bankruptcy I figured out the trustee payments weren't being applied to my account.

Nobody from ditech ever contacted me. I figured it out by calling over and over asking questions. The account never had the correct balance. Ditech told me the account may not look correct because of the bankruptcy and when we were discharged all should be fine.

So I went with it. We got discharged in July 2016. I contacted ditech to get the bankruptcy code removed from my account. They said it would take 60 days also that the account wasn't current.

I said do an audit and figure it out. I requested several audits.... these were some of ditechs excuses *the audit got sent to the wrong department. * it's still not done.

* the spread sheet doesn't go back that far. *your account is in a separate part of ditech due to the bankruptcy code. Plus you were part of greentree and that puts your account in a separate area. * I will send it to my supervisor.

At one point they reversed EVERY PAYMENT we made on the account and reversed all payments made by the trustee, then reapplied everything. It's so confusing. I contacted my attorney, the attorney called Ditech. He called me back and said he couldn't get any straight answers from ditech about the amount and removing the code, for me to keep a record of my payments so if ditech ever came back I had proof of payments.

I gave up on trying to make sense of it. Until yesterday July 10th 2017..... yes it's been 1 whole year and still the same issues. Anyway the collections department of Ditech contacted me about me being 3 months behind on my payments Are you serious???

I went into this lengthy story about all you read above and the guy was like.... can you hold? He eventually came back and sounded as confused as I did. I said got it, didn't ya?

This account is really messed up and all the notes show how many times I have called and nothing gets done by ditech, it's been 1 whole year sense my discharge, yet nothing's happening. That's the first person from ditech that actually sounded like he understood my frustration and how jacked up it was. I said... the house note I just paid went for what month?

He says April 2017. I said how much at that time was in I applied funds? He says $777. I say..

ok so if I paid $900 and you only needed 123 dollars to make a house payment then where is the remaining $780 go? He says I don't know. Thanks it folks.... the money just vanished.

The guy did say write a letter, email and fax it, say you need a debt dispute. In my opinion this is just another stall tactic by ditech. I am just assuming foreclosure papers will follow and this will get more expensive. I will have to get a lawyer.

Ditech is crazy and thy are making me nuts. When I explain this store to people they look at me like... really? Surely you are not understanding something?

Like my mind can't fully grasp the concept. I totally get it... mind full in tact. The problem is Ditech.


Now we are trapped. Help!!!

Review about: Ditech Mortgage.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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