In or about Dec 3, 2008 I applied for a loan (refinance) with ditech at ditech.com. on dec 7 or 8 2007 i was told that my loan was aproved and that we will be doing the closing after the appraisal . the FIRST apprisal took plae and I was told to make some re-pairs to the house and schedule a second appraisal , I did , the I was told in January 2008 (first week) that there was still some minor items that needed to be changed. I did the changes and a third appraisal was done. So from the las week in January 2008. to the secon week in march I was told almost on a weekly or twice a week that the closing will be "NEXT TUESDAY" but it never happened on March 11 I was told (after the 90 days locking term has expired) that I did not qualify for the refinence loan. After they ask me to send them my tax retur for the last 2 years in 3 diferrent ocations. Well I spend all my savings doing those small repairs ($3500 - $ 4000) and now It cashing up with me .I will be falling behing on my mortgage starting this moths because now we have an overwelming credit card bill and zero savings. The house it not up for foreclosure but It will be a matter of time now. This will happen next month.

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we thought we get the best deal around. The interest rate was pretty low and total point was very reasonable.

We sign up with them and have the agreement signed in(locked agreement). Few months later and 5 days prior the closing deadline, they never called us about the status of our loan so we have to call and call and left a message but they never return our call until we keep bugging on calling them regarding our loan application. So, finally we got their attention after those hectic days. So here comes the bad part.

They told us the APR has changed to 10% instead of 5% (as we agreed on) and another was that the Interest Rate Locked Agreement has change to 4.785 Interest with a 2.250 total points (very high) which is not what we agreed on from verbal and in writing. Now that we don't have enough time to extend the closing date, we have nothing but absolute waste with this company. To all of you who are planning to buy a home or are planning to use their service, do not do it.

You can get a better deal somewhere else and what I mean is a real deal from other lenders who you can be trusted with no fly traps. It'll take awhile but believe me, it saves you from wasting your money and headache.

Anjar, Gujarat, India #24240

I guess people really aren't that smart after all.

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