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Due to my own lack of attention to my escrow shortages and how Green Tree/DiTech has been managing them, after a few years it is now out of control and will take a forensic accountant to figure it out!!! What I do know is that they collect a "cushion" ever year that is equal to two months' escrow, however, every year, regardless of how little my insurance or taxes may increase, that cushion is gone and I STILL have a shortage.

and regardless of the fact that they do an "escrow analysis" to help me get a handle on any shortages...their escrow accounting (as you have said) is done to their OWN benefit and always early in the year before you have even had an opportunity to accumulate the needed balances!!! They sent me a letter stating my shortage and that I could either pay it in full OR my payments will increase by $80! I was told by the last of several representatives I have attempted to speak to about this....that they are not collecting a cushion AND a shortage. But they went into my escrow, applied the amount of "cushion" as a "deduction" which put me in the negative, THEN they repaid the "advance" by taking it from my next two escrow payments!!!!!!!!!

I am STILL being charged the $80 extra in my payment for the "shortage" , so if my shortage already includes my cushion, then why did they pay themselves and still increase my payment????? Also, if there is a cushion every single year and they are not using it for my "shortage"...why is it not still in my escrow account?? They also calculate the repayment of the shortage over a period of 27 months (if you will read the fine print)..however, every twelve months (or more) they do an I have no the 27 month repayment plan works and where the money I did pay was applied ???????? That 27 month repayment plan is NOT doing you a favor!!!

I am going to write ONE LETTER TO THESE PEOPLE and if this is not resolved I am reporting them to the SEC!! They referred me to RESPA guidelines as to their right to collect their "cushion", but while I know this is done when you get a new loan, I could find nothing in RESPA about this....and it was not done with GreenTree...only DiTech.....If I could refi to another company I would in a minute! but I can't so I have decided to sell my home...the payments will be to high for me to keep it and I can't manage the stress this is causing me.

I have never missed a mortgage payment in my life and I won't allow this company to ruin my credit. If enough people complain IN WRITING maybe it will prompt an investigation!!!

Review about: Ditech Home Loan.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Don't contact the CFPB it will ultimately waste your time. You should use the power of the QWR and RESPA to resolve your requests and then sue them when they violate. Google RESPA violations and lawsuits.

to Traci St. Claire #1427448

They will ignore the QWL. I waited over 60 days & now it's been a year & (give or take) 60 days.

My QWL was sent 12/17/2016 & it was drawn up by an attorney. The response I got from Ditech was written on Green Thieves letterhead. lol. My response said I was "burdensome" & that they didn't have to send me copies of any of the original documents I requested AND have a right to.

You're correct about one thing for sure - these fat cats that we pay to protect our rights don't give one wet *** about the laws or our rights or anything. Their only concern is their big fat bribery check they receive to help these mortgage companies/servicers screw us over royally. To the post who said she was going to sell - best of luck to you. They will do everything in their power to screw up your sale.

Your buyers will become so frustrated with the run around you will lose buyer after buyer until they can foreclosure on you. I wish I had better news, but I have not found anyone to help. I've called lawyers from California to New Jersey & everywhere in between. Most of the attorneys represent the crooks - not the victims.

(So be very careful before you give out your real name or real address.) Best of luck.

Try the Facebook page. They have given others advice.


You need to contact the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and make a complaint. Their website is under

They should be making sure their is a cushion in your escrow account. This is their way of trying to get you into foreclosure. Do they own your loan or are they servicing your loan? If you don't know call and ask who owns the loan.

I was a customer of Green Tree Servicing LLC which was a subsidiary of Ditech Financial. Green Tree Servicing in 2012 said they never received a payment and when my payment was due 3/1/2012 they billed me for April 2012 on 3/6/2012 when I had until the 15th to pay and I argued with them. The payment went through my account on 3/8/2012. Would they listen no.

I had no internet and no money for an attorney. I had to abandon my house for a rental when my credit score was still good. What they did was put my property taxes into escrow but not my homeowner's insurance. I had over $2300 in escrow as an overage They did a foreclosure on my house in 11/2012.

I got my credit report in 2016 over 4 years after the foreclosure. Ditech Financial reported it as repossessions until April 2013, not foreclosure and charged it off with the IRS. They left me in an open derogatory status on my credit reports for almost 5 years. I found the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau website and I have made complaints against Green Tree/Ditech Financial, Bank of America/Countrywide for a forged promissory note, and Northwest Trustee Services for incorrectly recording documents which made the foreclosure invalid.

Since January 23, 2017 Ditech Financial has changed my Equifax credit report 7 times, TranUnion, that I am aware of 4 times, and Experian 2 times. Make sure you check your credit reports to see what they are reporting. If enough people complain to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau there may be another lawsuit against Ditech Financial LLC like there was against Green Tree Servicing LLC where the CFPB and the FTC collected $63 million dollars. It's called Ditech Financial LLC but it's the same people from Green Tree Servicing.

You should not have to be looking after your escrow account. Ditech Financial should be letting you know ahead of time that there will be a shortage and where your money is going. Don't believe a word they say. I also always wondered where my money went to.

At this point, I'm looking into retaining an attorney because of their fraudulent acts. I reported them to the IRS Criminal Investigation Unit and I'll see what happens. Also, look at the Consumer Affairs website to see the complaints against Ditech Financial.

I am unable to make any comments because I am no longer a client of their company. Good luck!

to Anonymous #1502851

Did anything happen with the IRS? Did they investigate or respond?

My dad received a CP 2000 form from IRS saying Ditech relieved his $16k debt. He never had an account with them but they show he did for a personal loan no home address, he had no mortgage.

Account supposedly opened in 96 and it never ever showed up on his credit report and he never received collection calls or letters. I’m also going to notify the IRS About all of this when I respond to the CP2000 letter.

to Anonymous #1524196

Doing the same!


Sounds awful. Always playing a shell game with your money (YOUR money, not theirs)

When you buy a new house, stay away from them. Also avoid : K** Bank (they lost all of my loan info, including SS#'s, personal data, etc) and Hunt****** Bank (they lied and deceived us intentionally) Forewarned is forearmed.

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