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CitiMortgage sold to ditech every since then I've been having a lot of problems unbelievable!!! first of all my principal and interest is low because I met at 3% I'm paying almost $600 a month in my escrow which is much more than my principal and interest I pay my taxes Insurance every month with my monthly payment but you mean to tell me every year I'm $1,000 short something is wrong!!

!! also one month I said I didn't pay my mortgage they applied it somewhere else and it made me short like somebody needed Christmas money in the company.what the ***!!!

this is crazy!!! but they're steady going up on my mortgage payment why my other 3% and paying $1,004 a month on hundred and $102,000.00 loan.something is not right with this company.

Review about: Ditech Mortgage.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Contact the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau @ and call them to make a complaint against Ditech. I got transferred from Bank of America to Green Tree Servicing who was affiliated with Ditech in 9/2011.

I thought Green Tree/Ditech was the new owner of my loan. They did not put my lender placed insurance in my escrow account. So I was paying into escrow only for property taxes with over $2,000 in my escrow account and they charged me $213.07 extra for insurance a month starting January 2012 which I could not afford. I tried to work with them but they refused.

I got a billing statement 3/6/2012 saying they didn't receive 3/2012 payment which went through my account on 3/8/2012. I had a grace period of 15 days to pay. They said they never received it. The story goes on, but I ended up in foreclosure 2012 because of Ditech/Green Tree.

I hadn't checked credit report before 2012 and checked it this year. Ditech was reporting to credit bureaus on my reports a charge-off and repossession only. In California in a non-judicial foreclosure there is no deficiency. They never reported the foreclosure.

They had me in a current derogatory status for about 5 years. Researched the whole process and made a complaint with Consumer Financial Protection Bureau against Green Tree now known as Ditech Financial. Their response to my complaint was all lies and they even provided a fake billing statement for 5/2012 which I have proof of. Also, I found out my promissory note was forged.

Have a complaint against Bank of America for that. Bank of America called me about the complaint and the forged note and said they were going to record the conversation. I told her I was also going to record the conversation. She asked me if I could hold for a minute.

I said yes. She told me she could not talk to me because I was going to record her. I said to her "that's funny that you can record me but I can't record you". She said I'm sorry, but I have been advised not to talk to you.

They are all liars. Find out if Ditech actually owns your loan or if Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac or another GSE own's your loan. Go to your local county recorder and get a copy of your Deed of Trust or Mortgage depending on what state you live in. Get a copy of your Promissory Note from Ditech Financial which will show your interest rate which shows your principle and interest payments and make sure it's your signature on the Promissory Note.

Ditech can't change your contract or your promissory note. Contact your local tax collector and find out how much your taxes are, whose paying them, and are they being paid on time. Have Ditech send you a copy of your past and current escrow account statements and check them to make sure they are putting in your money each month and what they are paying out. They have to give you this information and don't let any of their rude customer service reps bully you.

You should send a Qualified Written Request to Ditech requesting the information by certified mail to make sure they can't say they didn't receive it. You can get an example of a QWR for a mortgage online. When I refinanced my loan that closed in 2/2008, I always thought the lender was the owner of my loan. What they never told me was that my loan was sold to Fannie Mae apparently before or on the day I signed my Deed of Trust, which I found out this year.

If you go to consumer complaints against Ditech you will see all the people that are having the same problems, and Ditech is heading for a lawsuit. They have continued their dishonesty with customers, and I can't make a review because I am not a current client of Ditech.

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