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Currently have a mortgage with ditech. Did not mortgage through ditech and would not deal with them again.

They added several hundred dollars to my property tax bill, and also decided to add flood insurance to my escrow without reason, because someone accidentally sent them a bill for it raising my mortgage up about $100 bucks a month, and then tried to tell me I had to pay it anyway because they added it to my escrow and issued payment already. 4 hours into calling them about it, and expenses on my end to send them the paperwork that they already had, my payment is back to accurate (maybe) at less money than my previous years payment. I've been hung up on about a half a dozen times, and have to threaten to sue to get any productive work out of them towards this issue. In additiom I had to call in 6 times in a row to not get hung up on, for them to accept my payment, as all other methods would only allow me to pay the incorrect amount.

Their billing department must smoke crack. Buyer beware.

If this continues with them, I am going to take legal action. If it going to cost me time and stress to not get swindled by them, then its about to start costing them more money than its worth to deal with me.

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Dubuque, Iowa, United States #1303039

Let me tell you threatening to sue them won't do anything. They don't care.

Green Tree Servicing LLC was a subsidiary of Ditech in 2012. Ditech bought Green Tree. Green Tree did the same thing to me in 2012 and made threats. They sent me a bill on March 6, 2012, claiming they didn't receive payment when they put the payment through my checking account on March 8, 2012.

They put on my bill that I owed over $2,300. I was so fed up I didn't make a payment in April 2012, and decided to abandon my house May 5, 2012, because of their threats and I did not inform them. Continually being harassed by employees. They put me into a non-judicial foreclosure which went through in 2012.

I hadn't got my credit report until 2017. They did a charge-off which is illegal on a non-judicial foreclosure in California under the "power of sale" clause in the Deed of Trust. I made a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and Ditech said they needed 60 days to investigate after waiting the 15 days to get back to the CFPB. I had previously faxed them twice on January 5, 2017, for all documents I was legally entitled to and received a Notice of Default and my promissory note.

I suggest you get a copy of your promissory note which will show you when your payment is due by and much a late charge is. Make sure it is your signature on the promissory note!!! When I got a copy of mine from Bank of America who bought Countrywide Bank, an angel from Bank of America actually sent the Name/Affidavit Signature that was notarized when I signed it. The signature on my note was forged.

I filed another complaint with the CFPB regarding the promissory note because Bank of America would not take responsibility. I was told because they bought the company they are not responsible for a forged signature. I also found out from my promissory note during the foreclosure process they were overcharging on the late fee. I found out by courthouse papers that Fannie Mae was the "investor" on my Trustee's Deed Upon Sale.

Fannie Mae allowed Green Tree to use a foreclosure company who were and are not now even attorneys. When I made a complaint to the CFPB it also included a complaint against the foreclosing company in which I questioned the recorded assignments they had done. The foreclosure company never recorded an assignment of Substitute Trustee and they will not respond to the CFPB. The CFPB informed me that they are sending my complaint to the Federal Trade Commission.

This tells me there is definitely a problem which may actually void the foreclosure which the current owner may not legally own the house. If Ditech is servicing your loan it is more profitable for them to foreclose than to service it. The bank lender doesn't tell you they sold your loan to a government entity. Green Tree pissed me off so badly that I went through and researched the whole process.

The whole mortgage industry is a farce. The Federal Housing Financial Authority is the conservator for, in my case Fannie Mae, for GSE's. If your loan is owned by an entity such as Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac they have guidelines that the servicers are supposed to follow. In my case, Green Tree chose not to follow Fannie Mae Guidelines.

Since my complaint to the CFPB, Ditech Financial started changing my credit reports. Of course their doing it incorrectly which will be another complaint to the CFPB.

I am reporting them to every government agency I can. If enough people complain to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau they may be held accountable for what they are doing to consumers.

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