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Our home loan was sold to ditech about 3 years ago. We began a refinace with Quicken Loans for lower rate in May 2016. Payoff and closing complete in June 2016. Its September 2016 now. Ditech has billed us monthly stating they have not received the loan payoff from Quicken. Ditech now saying we owe them 4 months of mortgage payment and are sending us to collections . WHAT? We have made mortgage payments the past 4 months to Quiken who...
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Ditech has not completed a legally required escrow analysis on our account in three years. Now, they are hitting us up for the negative balance which is over 11K at this point. They increased our monthly payment by over $700 per month and said if we default, they foreclose. They only option they had was to refinance, with them of course, and add the additional 11K to our balance. We did not even choose to do business with them. Our account was...
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We did a Harp refinance with Greentree in April of 2015 our windstorm which is mandatory in Texas its the law all homeowners are required too have windstorm insurance was never tranfered over when the company merged with Dieteck so now our mortgage has increased from 1,200 per month to 1,600 per month I have been trying since July 28th too get the issue resolved leaving messages several times for customer service supervisor Jane no call back as...
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