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Ditech refuses to call me back when I call over and over to a number of reps including supervisor Jordana, representative Alexis and Adam multiple times. They do not answer their phones or return any of my messages.

They have given myself and my mother false information about attorney's that we needed to contact only to find out that the attorney's do not exist. We are also in the middle of a claim with our insurance company whom we received checks from in order to get the work done to our home. It was so much drama just to get the checks and amounts approved to where they had informed me that they don't look at any mail that is sent even overnighted mail for at least 2 weeks, then at that point it can take them an additional 2 weeks to get anything approved to release the funds. It has been a year since the claim has been approved that because of all the different information that I have gotten from the multiple reps that I have spoken with that I had hired a contractor to intervene so the process would be less complicated.

No such luck. We have only been trying to pay the past due amount on our home to prevent the foreclosure and now it is just embarrassing when our neighbors have seen the foreclosure online, and the fact that we are constantly being harassed by people that want to purchase our home. People coming to my door, calling me daily, and receiving multiple letters, cards, etc in the mail, to buy our home.

It has been nothing shy of stressful and degrading not to say the least. There needs to be a class action lawsuit brought up against Ditech for its incompetence in taking care of it's customer's.

Review about: Ditech Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I agree with your comment. I applied for a loan modification too.

They denied it and put my house up for short sale, which could lead to foreclosure. I spoke to a rep name David, who suggested I move from my home of 20+ plus years into something smaller. How dare he? I hope he never finds himself in a sickly situation years down the line after paying years of mortgage with no one to help him.

I pray that Ditech gets investigated soon for improper practices. They are horrible. Didn't GMAC had problems not long ago?

Why are they allowed to operate under another name? God is watching!

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