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We started a refi 9/3/2009. Everything was moving along fine with a closing sometime in 10/2009.

Well my husband was laid off from GM, the reason we went with Ditech in the first place and 10/1/2009 we had to start over under me. Of course they already had all my information and credit so it was a matter of just using my income and getting approvals. Not too terribly difficult one would think. Come the end of Oct and no closing date, I began emailing and contacting about the closing.

The appraisal was done so what was the hold up? The response was Ditech was overwhelmed due to lack of staff, apparently they laid off and just can\'t handle the volume. Well one would think maybe laying off was not a smart idea and it should have waited til beginning of 2010. I expressed the reasons for needing to close in 2009.

I needed the writeoff. Since my husband was laid off, I can\'t afford to withdraw the taxes prior to his check. I need all the cash I can get because our mortgage is 2k a month. Taxes make it so high.

GM moved us here. Thanks GM for abandoning us and leaving us where we never wanted to be in the first place. Anyway, in order the survive I need as much unemployment cash as possible. This means after doing my prelim calculations for Fed return, I will have to pay 1386 to the Feds.

Haven\'t paid them in my entire 44 years. Ever. Always got refunds the smallest $300 and the largest $8000. So I said if we close in 2009 I can writeoff the closings and it will be a wash when I do my taxes.

And I told them I need that because I am going to end up having to pay PA taxes now with all of this and my school district tax went from 1% to 2.9%. I hate this state. I always use my PA refund to pay the school district tax but with no closing this year I will have to pay Fed, State and school. They said oh, no problem.

We will have you closed before the end of Nov. I was like great. Well it is now 12/23/2009 and I haven\'t closed. All through Nov they kept stating we are busy.

We are busy. We are busy. Funny how they were also busy in Sep but because at the time my husband was GM employee they said our application and all was processed first. Funny how you are important if affiliated with the company and unimportant if you are just somebody else.

Well we became unimportant when he was laid off. So time has gone on and the whole we are busy routine has kept up. Well, finally last night an email from Tony. He says the problem is the appraiser did a 2005 form and not some 1004 or 1104.

I am like what? The appraisal was done in Sep and you are just now discovering this???????? He sent me the .pdf and I found teh appraisers phone number and called directly. To my surpirse Ditech ordered the 2005.

So it was Ditech that screwed up. The appraiser and I had a nice little chat. They told her she needed to come out and do the internal but she said I can\'t. I am book solid for the next 2wks.

So they put the appraisal on hold in the computer. I asked her why? She said because they have already paid me and need me to do it. If they get another appraiser they have to pay $300 again and they will be out that money.

I said and???? They screwed up not me and now they are punishing me for their mistake. Believe me, I have contacted them and gone round and round. I even said I will call local appraisers and see if someone can come out and make the appointment and then tell you guys so you can set up payment.

They said oh no you can\'t contact them. Ah really? Do we not live in America where I am free to contact who I choose? I have not come to the point where I hate Ditech and this is the first time doing business with them and will be the last.

I emailed them and said it is obvious I am just a number to you and you don\'t care about fixing your mistake. So...since I will not be closing this year can you tell me why I should continue this process with you? I have refi\'d 2 times in the past with Quicken and they have been smooth as butter and closings always around 25days. So since I am into 2010 with a close why not go with a company that is competent and I already have a history with and trust?

The response is, you lose your $300 appraisal fee. I said and? Guess what Ditech, you lose all the time; energy and money that went in the entire process from 9/3/2009 until today. All the paperwork and phone calls and the employees involved on my account alone.

The $300 goes to the appraiser and not you. So you made nothing off 3months of working to refi my house. A big fat nothing. You make your profit from portions of the closing fee\'s and maintaining my loan.

But if I don\'t refi with you, you get a big fat zero. See how that works? So now they see the picture I painted and said a manager is looking into it. Yeah right.

I am sure I was just told that to buy them some time and in the end we will close in 2010 and I will not be able to pay my taxes and whatever.

At this point I hate Ditech and I hate the state of PA and I hate GM and I hate our Fed Govt. They all could careless about anyone and it is all about them and their money and the rest of us out here in the real working world can just rot.

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