if you are late on a payment they hold you for a $62.00 late fee which they gladly take first , then hold the rest of the money to unapplied and will not release it until you pay up. I am under chapter 13, they don't care, they still threaten me, they even took me to court in March to get a lift to harass me and the paper work says they can foreclose against me.

we are a family of 4 in a modest condo and have an adult disabled son, when I spoke to the loan person, they didn't care, I ask him would you like to put on the street with a disabled person, he told me pay your mortgage. no compassion, they say they will help you and they don't, they keep harassing and sending letters stating if you don't pay by the first of the next month proceedings start for foreclosure.

i have asked my bankruptcy lawyer, he said go through your loan documents and ask them to send where you signed agreeing to this practice, well Ditech wont send anything, they don't have original documents, have to be retrieved, I am still waiting. done, so done, but shackled because of my chap.13 until next year.

Review about: Ditech Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: stop harassing and work with people, you cannot hold money paid as unapplied unless you have my signature that I agree to this practice.

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Actually get a copy of your mortgage or deed. I have an FHA loan and my note states that a late payment is 4% of the monthly payment.

When I found the copy to my mortgage the Truth in Lending Disclosure Statement states rather clearly that a late payment is 4% of the Principle + Interest. I sent them a copy of the TILA page and they wrote back that "your note states that a late payment is 4% of the monthly payment. It does not say that a late payment is 4% of the Principle + Interest". Wow did that person finish high school?

I mean even if they had no critical thinking skills... I sent them the document. By critical thinking I mean, what exactly is the definition of a "monthly payment" according to my note? Right P + I.

Not P+I + Escrow! So now I am mad because this is what I've been paying since 2008. So I google it and come up with 24 CFR 201.15 - Late charges to borrowers. Not only FHA & VA loans but also most conventional loans, It states: The late charge may be imposed for only installments of principal and interest which are in arrears for the greater of 15 calendar days of the number of days required by state law before such a charge can be may be imposed.

The late charge shall not exceed 5% of each installment of principal & interest or the maximum amount permitted by state law (in Indiana it is 4%). So I would look at your mortgage because in my case it was more clear than my note. If you know what kind of loan you have it is pretty easy to look up.

Apparently, they thought mortgages were subjective, and they could personally interpret them however it benefited them best. I am getting really tired of educating those idiots.


Do you have a copy of your Promissory Note. It will tell you the percentage that they can charge for a late fee on your payment.

Make sure it is actually $62.

If you don't have your Promissory Note have them send you a copy. They'll cheat you anyway the can.

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