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I had bad experience with green tree and detect.they are always adding late charges on my account my mortgage is 681 a month plus they have been adding insurance on their too which I started out paying on their insurance 321 dollars a month from some detect company outbox Florida,I paid that for over 2 years.and so after 2 years u would think the insurance payment would go down on the home because I owed less on the home but no it was just as...
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I have only had Ditech since Decemeber of 2015. In March of 2016, one of my payments bounced while I was on vacation. I called immediately to make the payment over the phone. The woman I spoke to ask if Ditech pulled once or twice. I told her only once. She said that she couldnt even see it on my record, that no one from the company will be able to see it. The company always pulls twice. Wait for the 2nd pull. They never pulled. I called to...
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Our mortgage was sold to Ditech about a year ago and we've had nothing but problems. I received notification that my mortgage was delinquent and I flipped out. We have NEVER missed a payment and NEVER been late - in fact, we have automatic bi-weekly withdrawals and are ahead on our payments. I called customer service and spoke with Matt who told me it was a software glitch and would be corrected in 24 hrs. Two days later when it still showed...
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I have had a mortgage for over 20 years... I have NEVER been late. Since they taken over my loans all kind of issues has been going on. Such as late fees, putting money where they wanted to and giving me an EXCUSE why they went up 250.00 a month saying it was cause of my insurance. NEVER went up that much even after a insurance claim. I have spoken to their customer service on many occasion... I spoken to a different customer rep and each time I...
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  • Horrible customer service