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I have experienced every single problem that has been listed in Green Thieves/Ditech complaints arena.

Ditech did not "buy" Green Thieve mortgages - Walter Investment Groups owns BOTH.

Same complaints? Yes! Same owner. (stock trade symbol - WAC) Ironic isn't it?

My best advice - if Ditech has "acquired" your loan, get an attorney. You will need one eventually.

Have you overpaid your escrow? You'll never get that money back. Even when you have to pick up the tab to pay your unpaid taxes & insurance (which your escrow should be covering). Then they will fabricate some story saying your insurance/taxes are not paid (but you have PROOF in your hand).

Next, never ever ever ever endorse any insurance check & send it back to them. You will never ever ever ever see that check. Trust me, it's much more satisfying to go to the closest Ditech office, show them the check & then light it on fire - IN FRONT OF THEM! (You should see their faces! lol) It's YOUR check, not theirs. What they see is 8, 15 or 50 thousand in extortion going up in flames. Do not hire a contractor & expect to get that check to pay them. They will NEVER endorse that check back to you.

So your roof has fallen in, right? It's Ditech's loss - not yours. You make Ditech enter an agreement with that contractor. That way when no one gets paid at least you & your contractor can team up & sue the snot out of the sniveling lot of "customer service" workers who have a combined education level of 5th grade.

Send EVERY SINGLE PIECE of CORRESPONDANCE via certified mail with the return receipt. Every payment, every complaint. They might lose every single document but now you have PROOF that you held up your end of the "agreement". And that's what a mortgage is - it's an AGREEMENT made & both parties are legally bound to uphold their end of the agreement.

Now let us all stand together, stop taking their ILLEGAL tactics, stop their extortion & lets shut this excuse of a company down!

If any of you reading this have the ability to, please put an ad (a small ad) in your local paper. Ask if others have had problems. Plan a local meeting. We can do more in large numbers than individually.

Hang in there. Do not let these Thieves prevail.

We the people shall stop them!!!

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Alva, Florida, United States #1247347

I am battling the same insurance issue. They have been holding funds since 10/4/16 while my roof continues to cause me problems.

I can't count the number of times I have been on the phone with their claims department. Each time there is a different story about why they can't send the money back.

Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States #1234887

Imagine that. I've been getting emails (from this site - about my DITECH complaint).

Now my password doesn't work, so I go to reset it.

I enter my email address - you know, the one on which I'm receiving these emails. Well that email (that I've had since the beginning of time!) is no longer "recognized" as a "valid email".


I'm Sam666 & I've had to keep on answering as "anonymous from St. Paul, MN.

The only thing I wanted to point out (today) is that the stock "WAC" (Walter Investment Groups who owns Green Thieves AND Ditech) is crashing. LOL!

(I'm laughing & I bought shares a while back! I hope I lose my *** on that stock. Best money I ever lost!!!)

Anyway, something is up. Help me people!

What else does Walter Investment Group dabble in? What other consumers are being bent over because of their extortion, embezzlement, money laundering & fraud? Any info? Please leave a message here.

(If I'm still "allowed" to be on this site) Truth hurts, don't it Walter Investments???

I'm not done; I'm only getting started.... :)

Blue Springs, Missouri, United States #1234586

Have you gotten any resolution? I'm battling because they have my money in uaf unapplied funds.

I have never been late and NO ONE WILL HELP this is crazy and asinine! the FTC, BBB, Federal attorney general need to get involved I have wrote them with no response, but my backup documents and on time payment which where not posted in the date received

to kcmoditech Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States #1234606

They never ever ever ever post payments when received. Again, ALWAYS send everything via certified mail with the return receipt.

I always get letters from the morons telling me I'm late.

I just make a copy of that return receipt I get, send them a copy, & write, "No. You are!!!"

It's illegal not to mark your payment received on THE DATE THEY RECEIVED IT.

Now I'm just keeping all my correspondance from them, my proof of the opposite as what they claim & soon I'm going to have myself a free house & enough spending money to get that Escalaide I've had my eye on.


It makes their little heads spin.

(Don't think they have an "in basket" for that mail. They actually have to find the sole person with one brain cell who knows how to process that ON THAT SAME DAY!!!) lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol

Norwood, Pennsylvania, United States #1234427

They denied my modification today! After 1 year of paperwork and then put me in foreclosure!

Getting a lawyer Told me I was denied all programs Really???

This could have been prevented last year when I called like a responsible person stating I was having problems. They did nothing lost all paperwork and now look!

to Anonymous Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States #1234578

They didn't look at any "programs" for you. It's all BS.

Did you know the Ditech/Green Thieve *** ants get rewarded for foreclosures by getting $50 gift cards to places like Walmart & Chuckie Cheese?


You're fighting for your life savings & some high school drop out is treating you like *** on his shoe over a bonus size candy bar & a big gulp.

Hope there's enough Karma that some day these high school drop outs have a mortgage & they get to feel their Karma when they have to go live in mama's basement! (Oh, that's right - trailers don't have basements, do they....?)

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