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My mother passed away in January and 1 of her 2 homes was financed through Ditech. I contacted Ditech to talk to them about the loan and what I needed to do moving forward.

I was living and taking over payment for the house that I was in (my mom's first home). I faxed everything they asked for, death certificate, qualification paper, account # my mother's name, anything and everything they asked for. After numerous attempts I finally got a fax to go through, however they say they never got it. I call them again because the fax numbers I have are busy and ask for every fax number available so I can guarantee the fax will get through.

After getting 3 fax numbers I try again, after multiple attempts on each number I get a completed confirmation. Keep in mind I have a failed attempt on each number with multiple failed attempts from the previous days I tried to fax the paperwork. I then wait for a phone call that never comes only to call them to find they never got it. I then told them they needed to find what I sent them and I was done faxing them.

They will not talk to me about anything on the account, are sending threatening notices about the account to the house. They are the only company that I have dealt with since her death that has given me any trouble. I faxed the other mortgage company the same days I faxed Ditech and was talking to them 2 days later about anything and everything. Complete incompetent company that has never been able to find the multiple faxes I sent them.

The last time I talked to them they tried to make it like I was lying asking when I sent it and if I sent the account number to link it to. I informed them that I had the completed fax form and gave them the day, time, number of pages, fax number I sent it to, and the time the fax went through. Their response to everything for me has been, we don't have it and can not talk to you until we do. When we sold my mother's other house the realtor and I were talking and he was telling me about one of his clients that was having issues selling a house and how he almost lost the sale because the mortgage company would not provide paperwork to him.

Come to find out it was Ditech that almost caused the family not to be able to sell the house.

I would not deal with this company for anything. Totally incompetent and have failed at everything I have asked them to do.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ditech Home Loan.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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