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I had my mortgage sold from bank of America to Green Tree and them took over by Ditech. I refinanced while with Green Tree.

A year after Ditech took over the mortgage they decided they did not want to honor the contract of my refinance. They increase my mortgage by 130.00 a month and blamed it on an escrow shortage of which there was none. I did my research and footwork. I asked for a detailed accounting for this supposed shortage including amounts and dates.

They did not supply the information. They just kept telling me to refer to my escrow analysis which did not explain anything. My house went into foreclosure, then sold. I tried getting help from many avenues including CFPB and IFPS., Michigan's attorney general and private attorneys.

The private attorneys said it would cost me more money to pay them to defend me so I might add well just pay Ditech what they want. No one would help. I was also told that I cannot change mortgage companies,even if they are ripping me off, unless I refinance with another company and pay more fees which I just paid when I refinanced with Green Tree. I don't need a refinance.

I did that and was at a 2% interest which is about the lowest rate you can get so why should I have to refinance and pay fees again because Ditech is crooked. I ended up paying thousands I didn't owe (over and above the loan amount) to their attorneys for attorney fees, late charges and other bogus fees just to reinstate the loan so that I didn't become homeless.

This just happened and I've yet to get the new paperwork in the mail. I want to sue Ditech and recoop the thousands I Iost but don't know where to turn

Product or Service Mentioned: Ditech Mortgage Refinance.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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I will be looking into it! I think they have committed fraud to! No joke.


Yeah something is wrong, Ditech is a debt collector, they don't have a contract with you, therefore you don't have to pay them. Find out who loans the loan, they probably won't tell you, because they have no idea.

All of you are absolutely correct, they get their hands slapped and they continue doing their fraudulent BS.

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