Answered Ditech TV ad. Wanted consolidate our debt in a mortgage.

Instead of our credit card debt in the mortgage, put it all on a Ditech MCcard. The interest rate started at 7.9%. After the first year it exploded to 35%. Add the recession and work cutback and we are losing everything.

We had perfect credit scores for twenty years. That got us paying 2 points more than advertised rate and no consolidation. All credit card debt still in credit card. $8000.00 to refinance rolled in.

We also have 2, yes 2 contracts. The we started with and the one we ended up in. We bit, they switched. By the time we realized how different it was, it was to late to cancel.

We could not afford to refinance again.

We are now losing everything. Our home of twenty years and all our eggs.

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