Ditech will be sued soon for their deceptive practices in what they do with payments received. They DO NOT have biweekly payments to allow clients to reduce their total interest paid.

They will tell you that you can save money by arranging with your back to send in funds every 2 weeks, BUT... they do not apply any interest to your principle until they receive all of your funds for that months-- in other words... THEY STEAL INTEREST YOU ARE OWED for the money you send in early.

These people are criminals... and no amount of false reviews they add to this site or others will change that.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ditech Mortgage.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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Hi,It looks like Ditech stopped offering their biweekly payment scam. I was also getting charged late fees during my biweekly payments. Has there been a class action suit?


You are correct, they will be sued soon. I am considering filing a complain with the consumer financial protection bureau.

I received a letter from Greentree, the old company in June saying that my mortgage payment was going down by 8 dollars per month, because my taxes went down. So far, every month I have been with Ditech they have charged me 33 dollars for other. I have sent several messages with no response. I am not going to let them stress me out.

I forgot to say that Greentree was fined 58 million dollars for fraudulent practices, including lying to customers.

They just changed the name and are still managed by the same group. Let me know if you start a class action suit.

to Anonymous Sparks, Nevada, United States #1232230

let me know as well. All my payments has gone to interest and nothing to principle!

What the ***?

Now i am in default, cause my bankruptcy lawyer didn't put them on my Chapter 13 and they did not submit papers to state my house was part of it manipulation and fraud. I need a lawyer.

to Pedro #1236014

I would also like to know about a lawsuit. I never heard about the lawsuit against greentree.

I would have really liked to be part of that because i dealt with a very abusive collector for greentree. Now ditech did not apply some of my payments correctly; leaving me behind on my mortgage.

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