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It is never a good sign when a company gives out a PO Box address to collect your mortgage payment or customer complaints. I have fallen victim to fees and penalties due to the fact ditech had been irresponsible and didn't pay the taxes to my local town. I currently have an escrow set up with them and we are now on the second payment that is due. I keep getting the run around from their customer care team and tax center. I've spoken with... Read more

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has had a busted pipe in a bathroom in my families home for over a week now that has walls buckling. We have had insurance on this home since it was Bombardie, Green Tree, and now Ditech. I may not be listed on the actual loan that was taken out in 1997 (I was there when it was bought), but I HAVE BEEN the one that calls in about payments, but when it comes to the insurance and a claim for the well being of their property. They CANNOT HELP:( Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Oct 20
  • #940488

This company is terrible. We are trying to sell our mobile home & they refused to allow us to change it from personal to real property. They have ruined our chance of ever selling.

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I refinanced/modified the mortgage on this property back in 2012. Greentree/Ditech approved the refinance which was based on making 3 monthly payments which were completed and on time. I received a congratulations letter that my refinance/modification was approved. Subsequently 30 days later I received a follow up letter from them saying they never received a signed document I was suppose to mail back to them. However, there was no such letter... Read more

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Ditech lost my payment for my home mortgage, but magically found it after I sent a replacement check...the same day, imagine that. They ignored my written request to NOT cash the last check if they FOUND the first one. They cashed both checks the same day, causing me to overdraw in my bank account, costing me apx $100. I requested them to please pay my overdraw $. Can you believe that the employee AND her manager stated that Ditech was not... Read more

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I am a Real Estate Agent attempting to assist my client with a short sale. Each time I call I get a different representative. I have been given short sale phone numbers that did not work, and each representative is less informed than the last and the rudeness and lack of professional customer service leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Today I was told after 45 minutes and being passed around from one rep to another that my file was closed due to... Read more

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I have been trying to get the payoff on my house for 3 months,I'm on hold for 2 hrs at a time,when the rep from the call center finally answers,I get the wrong information,this has been going on twice a week for 3 months,how can I pay my last and final payment,if I can't get a payoff? Your customer service is the worst,I am seriously thinking of turning all the dates, times and names plus conversation with these reps to the trouble shooter on... Read more

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Paid my mortage Escrow Overage and Ditch still raised my mort payment by including the monthly payment for the escrow overage. Called them they said my check was assigned to the wrong place so they would fix it and reduce my monthly payment. When it was not fixed i called them back they said they would fix it again, still not fixed by end of month, called them back they said they would fix. Ditech said I had grace period so not to worry about it... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Sep 29
  • #927993 a statement fir 75.00 more dollars yhey clsimed was for insufficient fees of a check 4 months ago.75.00!!!! Who the heck charges 75.00 freakin dollars! I hate this company

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Ditech took over my loan after squeezing out the little guy from my local area and got rid of jobs due to what they call "company needs and restructuring". Of the times that I've had to call their customer service line and not once have I been treated with respect and fact just the opposite. Their website although relatively easy to maneuver the fact that you can't make a partial payment online is absurd. As long as you're making payments it... Read more

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