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We had a terrible hail storm come through our town at the beginning of August, 2016. The insurance adjusters were onsite within days and the check was received within 5 days of their analysis but since the damage was over 10k they are forced by law to issue the check to me and Ditech. Within 2 days I had rounded up all of the paperwork that Ditech told me that it was my responsibility to round up including a W9 from the contractor, the... Read more

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Ditech has not completed a legally required escrow analysis on our account in three years. Now, they are hitting us up for the negative balance which is over 11K at this point. They increased our monthly payment by over $700 per month and said if we default, they foreclose. They only option they had was to refinance, with them of course, and add the additional 11K to our balance. We did not even choose to do business with them. Our account was... Read more

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A terrible company. My loan was sold to Green Tree, then became Ditech. The only thing that stays the same is the bad customer service. About 2 weeks ago, I kept receiving calls from weird numbers with different with different area codes but no messages. Finally I called back and found out it was Ditech saying I missed my payment. I set up electronic payments through my bank's online payment. First few went through just fine but then it... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 25
  • #906960

HORRIBLE. My title company could not get loan payoff in timely manner. On hold one time for 2 hours and had to hang up. I mysel wasted 3 hours on hold.

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 24
  • #906734

I called and was on hold for over four hours.

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I am in my third year of dealing with Ditech. I now refuse to accept any phone calls from them because of the runaround I get each and every time I call or write a letter. They continue to charge me an extra $2400 per year for escrow "in arrears" that I do not owe. If I refuse to pay the additional escrow, they apply my payment to the escrow and then say my payment is late. I have contacted the BBB and CFPB with no satisfaction. Good luck... Read more

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I had auto pay, twice a month the payment is supposed to come out. I have only had Ditech since Decemeber of 2015. In March of 2016, one of my payments bounced while I was on vacation. I called immediately to make the payment over the phone. The woman I spoke to ask if Ditech pulled once or twice. I told her only once. She said that she couldnt even see it on my record, that no one from the company will be able to see it. The company always... Read more

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DiTech bought my loan from GMAC several years ago. When GMAC originated the loan, they improperly completed paperwork with the Department of the Interior. The home is on leased Indian land. I recently wanted to place the property in my Family Trust and my attorney discovered the document omission. Correcting the situation will be costly with fees from the Dept. of the Interior, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, and the local tribal organization.... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 11
  • #899076

Horrible people. Currently arguing with them about a payment they claim they reversed but the funny thing is that money never showed up on my account and never got applied to my mortgage

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Very long story short.... A mortgage sold several times, increasing the note to something well beyond what we could afford. A divorce our home is up for sale. We had a contract one week after it went on the market for a short sale. That was in JANUARY 2016. We. Still. Don't. Have. An. Answer. The second contract extension is about to expire. Ditech is FORCING us into foreclosure when we had the house SOLD back in January. Anyone know a good... Read more

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